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Corporate Finance and Strategy

Uncertainty is accelerating while the half-life of leadership positions and business models is shortening. Winning in this environment takes two things: strategic insights into how the world is likely to change—and the ability to create value from those insights before the game changes again.

We create exceptional value in a world of rapidly shifting the competitive advantage.

We help you be both a great company, driving growth and attracting talent, and a great stock, attracting investors and delivering value for stakeholders.

Strategy and value creation are part of Aurisys DNA. Through the experience curve, growth-share matrix, time-based competition, digital deconstruction, and our thinking on the growing diversity of strategic environments in Your Strategy Needs a Strategy, Aurisys has been at the forefront of strategic innovation.

We partner with clients not just to develop strategies, but also to achieve superior results through support on transactions and broader transformations. We help support functional excellence through our Center for CFO Excellence and our Strategy Enablement Center.

Explore the full range of our Corporate Finance and Strategy consulting offering:

Digital Building Blocks of a Corporate Sustainability Agenda

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Preemptive Transformation: Fix It Before It Breaks

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Companies’ transformation track records are mixed. Top performers unlock value quickly by focusing on changes that will improve profit margins and valuation multiples.

A sharp value creation strategy not only ensures that a great business is a great stock—but it also helps deter activist attacks. A linear approach to strategy—first defining a business strategy, then developing a supporting financial strategy, and finally selling that package to investors—may seem logical, but it’s often not optimal.

Get executive buy-in

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Cross departmental collaboration

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Corporate Strategy

Ensuring that the whole business portfolio is worth more than the sum of its parts takes a clear corporate vision, a consistent parenting approach, smart capital allocation, and a compelling investor story.

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Business Strategy

Delivering value-creating growth requires not only a sharp understanding of how the basis of competition is shifting but also the creativity to envision your organization’s unique path to win—and the resourcing and discipline to realize your vision.

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Value Creation Strategy and Shareholder Activism Defense

Creating peer-beating value is a universal aspiration. The best companies maximize their results by taking an iterative approach to shaping corporate, business, financial, and investor strategies. And strong, sustained value creation is the best defense against the rising tide of activism.

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M&A, Transactions, and Post-Merger Integration

Bringing a strategy to life—and accelerating value creation—often requires new skills, expanded market access, and stopping some things while starting others. Transactions are a key lever, but more than half of deals destroy value. What does it take to unlock potential?

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Strategic Planning Excellence

Staying ahead of—or leapfrogging—rivals demands a superior and always-on strategy function to envision the future, and your organization’s place in it, over and over again.

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Finance Function Excellence

Achieving superior business results requires a world-class finance function and an approach to financial management that is aligned with strategy, digital, and adept at creating and sustaining a performance culture.

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Managing Successful Change

Not all change can be measured in terms of financial performance and stock price movement. That’s where the third and most critical aspect comes in: transformations require rigorous execution and change management.

We conducted in-depth research on some of the top-performing companies in our sample and spoke with leadership teams that implemented successful transformations.

Through research, we identified seven key themes for executing large-scale change and striking the right balance between short-term and longer-term initiatives.

Meet Our Corporate Finance and Strategy  Experts

Our consultants and industry experts focusing on corporate development and finance continue to partner with leading companies to arrive at solutions in portfolio strategy and capital allocation, value creation strategy, value-based processes and culture, and more. These are our global and regional leaders on this topic.

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