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Digital Transformation, once a progressive path, has now become a pressing need for consumer goods brands. By deeply understanding your business, Aurisys’s expert advisors guide clients to pinpoint the optimal digital strategies that drive consumer-focused innovations.

In our approach to assisting consumer brands, we collaborate closely with you. Together, we identify, experiment with, and validate how leveraging sophisticated data gathering, AI, digitalized supply chains, and other advancements can add value. Only after ensuring their viability do we integrate these capabilities fully into your business framework. Our goal is to streamline routine tasks and foster collaborative teams that can innovate to meet the evolving expectations of consumers.

To truly connect with your consumers, it’s essential to understand their behaviors, know where their attention lies, and pinpoint the exact moment they’re set to purchase. By harnessing comprehensive consumer data, boosted by AI technologies, and strengthening retailer collaborations, we assist in crafting personalized marketing, tailored for individual platforms. This approach can then be amplified to seize a large portion of the market.

Whether it’s food or long-lasting consumer goods, navigating a diverse product lineup demands innovative strategies based on deep customer knowledge. With our Demand Centric Growth method, we delve into the factors influencing consumer decisions in each sector or specialty. This enables you to invest in brands and carve out niches where you can gain a significant edge and foster robust growth.

Digital marketing expertise remains a hurdle for many in the consumer goods realm. We partner with CPG businesses to incorporate digital solutions, work harmoniously with advertising firms and marketing tech providers, and merge fresh talents with existing teams and outside creative minds, ensuring outcomes are achieved.

Gone are the days when CPG giants solely controlled their operations. Today’s frontrunners benefit from a wide network of external collaborators. To transition CPG companies to this outward-facing approach, we start afresh, determining which operations partners can handle competently and figuring out the essential functions to retain internally.

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We Help Clients Create a Consumer Goods Strategy for the New Reality

The retail landscape is evolving rapidly, with a growing emphasis on digital tools to cater to ever-changing consumer preferences and stay ahead of fresh competitors. Our team of retail experts at Aurisys provides insights to craft and implement the optimal strategy for thriving in this fluid space.

While many retail businesses have amassed vast amounts of data, few have truly unlocked its potential. We at Aurisys stand ready to guide retailers in focusing on digital approaches that are not only adaptable but also more in tune with customer desires. Our expertise is also geared towards unveiling and capitalizing on novel growth avenues.

The FMCG world has long been recognized for creating value, owing to strong brands, superior products, and large-scale operations. However, since 2017, challenges like declining global consumer demand, changing consumer behavior, and the impact of digital models and e-commerce have dented its stellar record.

The recent pandemic only magnified these challenges. In the near future, the sector will face concurrent disruptions, such as changing shopping habits, a diminished edge from scale, and an increased emphasis on societal impact and purpose. Furthermore, game-changers like AI promise to reshape the FMCG landscape. Our FMCG experts are poised to aid clients in adapting to these shifts and thriving in the ensuing landscape.

Fashion retailers, facing altering consumer needs and evolving production networks, must recalibrate their strategies and fine-tune operations. Our fashion-savvy consultants bring years of hands-on experience from collaborations with top-tier brands.

The pandemic has pushed fashion consumers towards online shopping, seeking value and exploring new brands that resonate with current priorities. We’re here to guide you through this transformation, highlighting strategies to cut costs and channel investments towards crucial digital tools.

Despite the pandemic’s challenges, the luxury sector remains resilient. At Aurisys, we assist elite luxury brands in swiftly recalibrating their brand image and delving into digital tools to enhance operations and enrich the customer journey.

Our luxury consultants emphasize smart spending, accentuating digital and personalized strategies at every step of the retail journey, ensuring a consistent investment in brand value. We empower luxury brands to maintain top-tier product quality, foster intelligent partnerships in supply and distribution, undergo digital overhauls, and achieve unparalleled personalization across all domains, from product displays to marketing.

Our extensive experience with global fashion brands equips us with a deep understanding of the unique challenges the pandemic has thrown at this industry. Specifically, in the pivotal luxury market, our unmatched team with its profound cultural insights, has been adept at identifying and rapidly responding to the changing behaviors and trends of luxury consumers.

Meet Our Consumer Products Consultants

Our consumer products consultants and industry experts continue to partner with leading companies to arrive at solutions in accelerating growth, winning in digital, lean operations, and more.

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