Organization Strategy

In today’s changing business world, having shared services can really give companies an edge. These services allow the main parts of a business to work even better. We assist big, intricate companies to set up Global Business Services. This helps save money, makes the company more adaptable, and pushes strategic growth.

For this change to happen, companies need to have flexible platforms, have small quick teams ready to act, and use scalable methods along with modular tech and data setups. Our method of setting up Global Business Services has led our clients to save between 20% and 40% in costs and perform five times better than others in their field.

A lot of businesses today are tangled up in their own complex internal setups. They have too many structures, ways of doing things, and systems. Our method helps companies handle this growing complexity that’s slowing them down. Our techniques also help bigger transformations by freeing up resources. This lets businesses focus on growth and new ideas, changing their core functions and working methods. We also guide businesses in adopting agile methods across the board.

Support roles are fundamental to a company, but they often don’t focus on creating value. At Aurisys, we craft the vision and skills, and lay down procedures that let these support roles—like digital services, accounting, HR, and buying—drive growth and adaptability, all while managing expenses.

Smart companies are realizing that there’s potential right under their noses, specifically in their administrative departments. By innovating how they handle these support roles, they’re seeing big boosts in efficiency and saving money. They’re offering services more efficiently. Plus, they’re freeing up their staff, letting them concentrate on tasks that promote company growth.

Companies aiming to be the best in their field need to fully embrace the digital world. This unlocks new ways to earn money. However, it’s not just about tech. Successful companies will merge technology with human skills for a brighter future.

While many parts of this future-focused business model are known—like artificial intelligence, digital skills, and platform-based services—how to mix human and tech skills isn’t obvious or simple. We guide businesses in creating a structure that maximizes human creativity, blends in machine and AI tasks, and always looks for new ideas. This boosts the value of the business, cuts costs, and makes customers happier.

Define the target behaviors and design the organization accordingly

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Define the purpose of the reorganization

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Organization Design

At the heart of organization design is a simple idea: to improve a company’s results, you need to change the environment in which its workers operate.

What goes on in a company isn’t just about its structure, processes, or systems. It’s also about behavior – how people act, collaborate, and decide. To tackle this key factor, Aurisys uses specific tools to change individual behaviors, promote fresh working approaches, and establish a culture that’s driven by purpose. With this method to organization design, Aurisys recently stood out among top players in organizational strategy consulting.

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Organizational Culture

Most industry leaders understand that a strong work culture is vital for their company’s success. However, many find it challenging to create this. Aurisys guides clients in defining the ideal culture for their organization.

Creating the perfect work culture is key for long-term success. Companies that have a culture focused on purpose do better than others. Such companies draw in a variety of skilled employees and keep them. They encourage their staff to work together, think creatively, and give their best effort. These companies also make sure that their teams and resources are focused on achieving their main objectives.

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Tailored Simplicity

Our tailored approach helps organizations identify and resolve unnecessary complicatedness and deliver lasting, measurable change. How does this approach differ from traditional solutions? We take into consideration the drivers of behavior—the context that employees work within—and then shape this context to achieve the desired behaviors.

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A Holistic Framework for Optimal Outcome

We use a comprehensive method to enhance business support tasks, coordinating the various skills, processes, and actions involved. We also assist businesses in pinpointing crucial moments for both customers and employees, ensuring top-notch services are offered when they matter most. Our goal is to address five primary concerns our clients face, guiding them from planning to execution, and equipping them to maintain progress after our involvement ends.

Starting Point. Firstly, we run our Complexity Analysis Survey. This helps us spot signs of unnecessary complexity across eight main areas and recognize issues slowing down your business. Analysis. With the tools from Tailored Simplicity, in-depth discussions with employees, and behavioral insights, we get to the root of what’s making things complex. We focus on understanding the relationship between the work environment and people’s actions. From there, we figure out how tweaking that environment can encourage better ways of working, leading to enhanced results. Strategies.

Then, we use a set of six straightforward guidelines designed to tackle complexity. These strategies from Smart Simplicity are grounded in economic principles, game theory, and the study of how organizations function. Putting Plans in Action. To make sure the changes take root, we offer a step-by-step plan and integrate Smart Simplicity concepts into the company’s way of thinking.

Meet Our Organizational Strategy Leaders

Aurisys’s consultants and industry experts focusing on organization continue to partner with leading companies and organizations to arrive at solutions in organization design for the future of work. These are our global and regional leaders on this topic.

Traditional methods of operating aren’t cutting it when trying to handle these issues. Instead of tweaking the usual ways of doing things, many companies are looking for a fresh approach, and they’re focusing on platforms. These platforms are shared tools and methods that several parts of a business can use to efficiently serve customers. While every company uses platforms in some form, our approach at Aurisys pushes them to go further. We help them move past just basic infrastructure and general business tasks. With our guidance, they can reduce unnecessary repetition, improve their abilities, break down barriers, reduce unnecessary exchanges, and simplify how they make decisions.

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